DogeBSC releases DogeBridge Whitepaper

The DogeBSC team has finally released the DogeBridge Whitepaper!

DogeBridge will act as a bridge from their native token, DogeBSC, to Dogecoin. This means that Dogecoin holders can swap their coins directly for DogeBSC and vice versa all through a decentralized exchange on their website.

DogeBridge Whitepaper:

DogeBridge Explanation by Developer:

“We build too many walls and
not enough bridges.” — Isaac Newton

Why is this important?

As BSC and DeFi grows, normal investors of Dogecoin will want to put a foot into the BSC/ETH world while still wanting to be a part of the greater Doge community. This way they can swap some or all of their tokens over to BSC, all without the hassle and regulation of a central exchange.

It’s also important because it’s a real alternative to Binance Bridge. For years the only bridge to the Dogecoin chain was on, but now the DogeBSC team is creating their own. At the very least, having the option to use The People’s Bridge vs a generic Binance one will attract investors.

Whitepaper Excerpts:

Why should investors care?

This April, Dogecoin’s average volume reached nearly $20b/day and $582b for the month. If we can tap into even 5% of this over the coming months through our bridge, our current 10% transaction tax would net us $97.1 million a day which we would funnel back into liquidity, development, rewarding/burning, & charity, which would grow our project and help our cause.

The development portion of these funds would help accelerate the launch of Doge-based DeFi apps and strengthen our ecosystem*, further incentivizing more volume into our bridge and therefore more funds into the project.*

What’s Next?

DogeWorld*. While our focus is on DogeBridge at the moment, we see this bridge as a* launchpad to funnel an ever-increasing percent of Dogecoin volume into an entire ecosystem of community-backed DeFi applications.

This will include services like DogeSwap, DogeWallet, DogeChart, DogeFarm, DogeLend, etc. This ecosystem will be positioned as less of a competitor to Dogecoin, and more of a logical next step in the evolution of Doge and a by extension, a true community-based DeFi economy.

We’re really excited for the DogeBridge launch both for our own community, Dogecoin’s community, and the extended Doge community all around the world.

Building a DeFi ecosystem which supports Doge by design.